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Simple Ways to Get Paid to Review Movies

Simple Ways to Get Paid to Review Movies

Simple Ways to Get Paid to Review Movies: While it may seem like a simple way to get paid to review movies, it actually isn’t as easy as you might think. while some have even made a good living by releasing sneak peeks for popular shows, other have simply made a good living analyzing the many movies out there. This article is designed to tell you about 3 simple ways to get paid to review movies.

3 simple ways to get paid reviews


Marketforce is one of the first companies that got into video game testing back in the 90’s. They created a testing program for games that would allow people to give their feedback on how they would feel about them. Ever since then, they have grown into a global company that offers many different services to the gaming and movie industry. They offer YouTube videos, Google plays store reviews, and even Google Insights.

first way

One of the easiest ways to get paid to review movies is to go to YouTube and search for movies or TV shows that are in the market for a movie trailer rewind. Usually you can find them fairly quickly by typing in the show title and the term “marketing“. This will pull up a bunch of different places where you can find movie trailers for free.


If you don’t care for reviews, you can also use Google to do your research for you. Just type in the name of the show you want to see and Google will pull up a bunch of results. Don’t forget to be careful of scam sites because there are a lot of those out there that pose as companies who really just want to get paid to give you reviews and send you more junk mail. Stick with quality sites that actually have something to offer.

the easiest way

The easiest way to get paid to review movies is to simply take advantage of the marketplace that is already there. The internet is huge and it is ripe with potential profit opportunities. It is also a way to find out what movies are currently popular and what they may be in the future. By watching tv and seeing what is selling, you can apply this knowledge to your own projects and make a ton of money.


You can check out a few different paid reviews sites on the internet, but if you want the best and most reliable, try MetaCafe. It is one of the most trusted sites and they have been around for years. There are many other sites, but MetaCafe has the biggest following. This is a good place to start if you are serious about making a living from home by reviewing movie after movie.

second way

I would recommend getting into the membership sites that charge a flat one-time fee and don’t have any recurring payments. Once you are in, you will have unlimited access to the forums and have the privilege of downloading anything you want for free. If you ever do decide to make a real income off of this, it won’t be for a long time because you will have built yourself a large list of contacts.


Don’t forget about video blogs either. If you can create a YouTube blog, you can quickly start to make a killing from home doing video reviews of new movies that come out. Of course, this only works if the studio releases a movie and no one else has reviewed it yet. The best thing you can do is to find as many potential movies that aren’t yet out and write about them. This way, when the reviews come out, you’ll already have a lot of people who have already seen those movies.

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