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Tips For Buying A Khadikurta

KhadiKurta is a traditional long gown that is made in the shape of a turban. The word Khadi referred to the fabric used for making the attire. The tradition of wearing Khadi Kurta began during the time of the British Raj. In addition to the western style kurtas, these Indian ethnic wear also come in western styles. It is a wide ensemble consisting of a skirt, long sleeves and a blouse.

material to made khadhi

Khadikurta’s main material is silk. The kurta can be embroidered, gotted or machine made. A typical kurta may be short or long. The length of the quota is based on the size of the wearer. Older women tend to wear kurtas that are a few inches longer than their normal clothes.

The kurta’s front closure is usually zari or a single line with a strip of brocade fabric in the centre. The skirt is usually pleated or twisted into two or three layers. Some women prefer to wear their zari lined kurta with a matching sari. Sometimes women buy a kurta with a separate brocade and sari to make a three-tier quota.

The Khadi can be either embroidered or gotted with silk threads. The process is called ‘hemroding’. Some women prefer to hem the skirt before wearing so as to prevent the garment from getting wet. However, it can also help in prolonging the life of the Khadi and in keeping it in good shape.

purposes to use khadhi

Khadikurtas can be used for many purposes. It can be made into a cover for a wedding ceremony. This covering can be very useful for a masquerade party or other formal function. The same cover can be worn during a day-out at a shopping mall. Another occasion in which you may like to wear a Khadi is during a day in the office. It gives the feel of being completely dressed up.

The Khadi can also be worn by men. Its traditional motifs and designs make it suitable for both genders. In fact, the designs and patterns have been copyrighted, making it even more appealing to men. Like the women, men too like to wear Khadi Kurtas.

how to buy

It is also possible to buy Khadikurtas online. These are available in all sizes and styles. They are made of different fabrics and available in various colours. Some Khadikurtas are embroidered with motifs of calligraphy while others are plain. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the Khadikurta will suit your personality and taste.

 buying  tips

To purchase a Khadikurta, you need to first decide upon a style. This will largely depend on the kind of outfit that you want to wear. If you are going for an office party, you would go for a plain kurta with no embellishment. In case you are going for a picnic or a beach wedding, then you can opt for a slightly printed kurta with floral designs. However, if you wish to wear a plain kurta with embellishments, you can decorate it with beads, buttons and sequins.

The second step is to choose a design. In case you do not have a specific style in mind, then you can browse through a collection of Khadikurtas in the internet. You can also see photographs of kurtas worn in the style of your choice. While buying a kurta, you should also keep in mind the fabric that you will be using. Silk, for example, is a durable and smooth fabric, but it is heavy and expensive as well.

how to buy online

Nowadays, there are a number of online stores where you can buy Khadikurtas. However, before making a purchase, make sure that you have at least checked out a few websites. Also, see whether the prices offered by the online stores are reasonable or not. Most of the online stores have reasonable prices; however, some may also offer you discounts and freebies. If you wish to shop from an exclusive store, you can also search for stores that offer high quality but expensive Khadikurtas.

In order to find the best karma according to your taste and style, you can take some time out to roam around your local garment store. Also, ask friends and relatives who may have recently bought a Khadikurta for themselves. Once you have decided upon your style, you can go online and check out the many online stores that offer Khadikurtas. You will surely find a store that offers a Khadikurta in your preferred style and price.

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