What is Clown Emoji

What is Clown Emoji?

  • Clowns can be either hilarious or terrifying, depending on whom you ask. No matter what your opinion, there are many things going on underneath the masks of this ancient profession. The role of clowns has changed over time. You don’t only see them at birthday parties anymore. There are many movies and Emojis about clowns.
  • When one needs to indicate Circuses or Fun-fairs, Parties, Mac-Donalds etc., Clown Face Emojis can be used. People use Clown Emojis to scare people or make them look creepy. Clowns can entertain for a long time, but they are not usually entertainers.

Clown Emoji Usage

  1. Clown Emojis are used to refer to “IT” Movie. In that movie, a Clown named Pennywise eats small children. Clown Face Emojis can also be used to make fun of someone.
  2. It can be used to indicate that the receiver or sender is childish or “clowning about”, or that a comment should be taken seriously. You can use it to refer to children’s birthday parties, as many have them. Because so many people find them scary, they can also be used to indicate something more dangerous in certain situations.

History Of The Clown Emoji

Although clowns are often the main attraction at carnivals, parades, and circuses, their history goes back even further. Clowning dates back to ancient Rome, medieval times, and even North American Indians. Although clowns are often seen as outrageous characters, with bright make-up and large shoes, they were not always that way.

Since emojis were first created in the 1990s, clown emojis don’t seem that far-fetched. The Clown Emoji was introduced to Unicode 9.0 in June 2016. Unicode 9.0 represents the ninth release of Unicode Standard’s symbol set. This character coding system was created to allow the global display, processing and exchange of written texts from the various languages and technical disciplines of today’s world.

Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

Apple Emojis

Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Mac use the Apple Color Emoji font for Emojis. Apple Color Emoji, a custom-made color typeface for Apple platforms, is the Apple Color Emoji. Apple released the Apple Emoji font in its first version along with iPhone OS 2.2 in November 2008. It included 471 individual Emoji glyphs.

Google Emojis

In 2008, Google released the original set of 79 Emoji characters. These animated symbols, created by Ryan Germick and Susie Sahim, were originally called “goomoji”. Since then, Google emojis has grown in popularity. The multinational conglomerate owns over 3,000 emojis which can be used on stock Android devices such as Pixel Phones, Gmail Web Interface and ChromeOS.

JoyPixels Emojis

JoyPixels designs Unicode-compliant custom emojis for licensing in digital products and consumer products. JoyPixels, formerly known as EmojiOne was the original fully-independent emoji set and is now a leader in animated emoji. JoyPixels is a full-service provider of emojis. They believe in delivering maximum joy through beautiful design.


You’re likely to remember a clown if you’ve ever brought one to your child’s birthday party. Clowns are funny, entertaining, and can do amazing feats with dexterity. Clowns are so beloved that there are many Clown Emojis.

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