Types Of Cinemas In India

Types Of Cinemas In India

India is home to some of the best type of cinemas in the world. The people here are truly passionate about films and have a passion for seeing new movies on a daily basis. They also love to watch old movies that their parents and other friends used to watch on television. In fact, the Indian cinemas are more popular than the theaters of US and UK.


One can see a variety of theaters all throughout the country. People visit these places with lots of fervor. The audiences in one part of the country get excited while the audiences in the other part of the country get bored. The local people here are extremely friendly. The food served in the cinemas of India is truly delicious and one can savor the delicacies during this long lasting experience.


The Indian cinema industry has been one of the major contributors in pushing the global box office record. A large number of Indian films have won several international awards including the Best Picture and the Best Director categories at the recent Oscars. Many of the movies have even won the Golden Globe and other major prizes. It is true that the type of cinemas in India is much different from the American and European cinema.


The people in India love to see a romantic love story or a funny movie on the big screen. As a result, there are now many high budget Hollywood films and blockbusters being made into Indian theaters every year. Since the audiences here are more inclined towards comedies rather than the serious dramas, the movie theaters here have started showing more humoristic movies. The biggest boon for the Indian film industry came when Hollywood itself came to India to promote its movies.

There are many passionate people who do not like to see any violence in their movies. Even if there is some mention of a gun shot in a movie, people do not take it very seriously. This type of intolerance is slowly being fading away as the society becomes more open and more lenient towards the depiction of violence in films. In fact, more Indian cinemas are showing films with no violence at all. These films are in the category of comedies, Satyagraha, and romantic films.


The Hindi speaking people love to watch soap operas and detective shows. They are in high demand on the plots and the actors. It is one of the reasons why Hindi films have always been the top choice of the Cinema watchers. The type of cinemas in India also depends on the choice of the local distributors and the amount they want to spend on the movie. Some of the local distributors prefer a big budget movie, while others prefer a low budget movie. A major change in the trend can be seen in the coming years when filmmakers will start making movies exclusively for the overseas audience.

There are a lot of people who choose to see English movies on the big screen in the theaters, rather than going for a low-budget Hindi movie. The cost of the ticket and the value of the ticket depends on the rating of the movie. The higher the rating the more the ticket price will be. However, the local people are becoming increasingly conscious about the difference between the two kinds of movies and are gradually showing support for the English movies.

There are many cinemas in India that are still using the old technique of projecting the picture through large halls. Some of the recent innovations in this field are LED screens that project the image directly on the screen. This has made the experience of watching a movie more interesting and thrilling. The other innovations are sound systems and better lighting. There are also newer types of projection systems that project the picture on screens that give the effect of 3D pictures.

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