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Brought Up Gone – A Review of Bruce Lee’s Early Years

Brought Up Gone – A Review of Bruce Lee’s Early Years

Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial artists in the world. In this short Learn from Legends video series we look at some of the things that made him so great. He was also an innovator, a fighter, and a charmer, all rolled into one. Bruce was known for his calm, powerful and philosophical approach to life. He was a man full of mystery and many of his films, both motion pictures and TV serials, are considered to be among the best in the genre.


Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in Hong Kong. In the later years of his life he went to the US to study for a degree in journalism, before going into acting. His biography of Bruce lee includes a picture of him as a child. The book talks about how he discovered martial arts and the influence of karate on him. Bruce Lee was one of the first Asian Americans to discover the advantages of martial arts and become interested in them.


a tribute to his life and teachings is an interesting look at some of the most important aspects of his life. As mentioned above, he was a great martial artist, who became one of the most popular and respected film stars in the world. He also spent a large amount of time in Hong Kong, and this is discussed in detail in this short, pop culture based biography. There is an interesting, relevant, and enjoyable biography of Bruce lee to be found here that is worth the effort to read.


focusing on his childhood in Hong Kong. It details many of the martial arts moves that are so synonymous with lee, and the impact that they had on his life. It also covers his work in Hollywood, and his return to Hong Kong to continue to work and study there. While the majority of this book is about his life, there is a very entertaining story of his failed attempt to become a pop singer. Bruce Lee did try to make a living singing, but failed miserably. This short, pop culture biography is well worth the brief review it is given.


Overall, this is a very interesting read about the early days of Bruce Lee. We learn about his childhood, how he became such a talented child that even his teachers thought him to be mentally retarded, and how he spent his early years in Hong Kong, learning various forms of martial arts and styles. This is a true story, and we learn from it, as Bruce would do later in his life, when he made his films. “Brought Up Gone” is a must have book for anyone who loved Bruce Lee, or who wanted to understand his life and times.


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