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5 Best Ways To Style Men’s KhadiKurta Like A Pro!

We all know that Khadi fabric has been the most integral part of India’s textiles. The hand-woven durable cotton fabric is versatile when it comes to usage. You can find Khadi clothing, Khadi décor items etc. Khadi is the fabric that keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. Plus, Khadi gives us sustainable clothing that supports our handlooms and helps in curbing fashion waste.

And as the winters just around the corner, we are here to share the best ways to style khadikurta for men. The Khadi shirts are popular among youth, but we want to stress on kurtas because they’re relatively tricky to style. So, without taking much time, let’s jump to these styling ways!

Men’s KhadiKurta with jacket

Winters are all about classic layering. If you can master layering game, then you are ready to rock the khadikurta with a jacket. Choose the jacket that has comfort/breezy fit to add a touch of subtleness to your look. We suggest you go with light and pastel shades while choosing a long shrug/jacket.

Asymmetric Khadikurta for men

This fact doesn’t come as a surprise to us that asymmetric kurtas are still ruling the fashion list. If you want to show a hint of modern approach via your outfit, go for asymmetric khadikurta. You can pair it up with straight or ankle-length pants. Remember- don’t select skinny pants. Tada- your indo-western look is ready!

Khadikurta with drop-crotch trousers

khadi kurta with scarf or stole
khadi kurta with scarf or stole

Let’s not keep it too simple and sober. Be a little playful by wearing a pair of drop-crotch lowers with your khadikurta this season! This idea might seem a bit new, but we reckon you’ll rock it! Experiment with printed drop-crotch trousers or solid coloured ones. Complete this look by wearing solid coloured sneakers, and your unconventional khadikurta outfit is ready to slay!

Khadikurta with scarf/stole

Keep the spirits of fall season up by teaming a cotton/linen/khadi scarf with khadikurta. You can play with contrasting scarves or matching sustainable scarves and create your unique style. Do not make your look gaudy by mixing up too many prints at one time. Keep it minimal yet catchy.

Choose the simple traditional footwear to complete this look.

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Khadikurta with jeans for men

Styling khadikurta with jeans is the safest way you can flaunt your khadikurta. If you are not sure about a few of the mentioned ideas, you can go with jeans blindly! Just make sure the kurta is short, i.e. ends above knees. You can either go with ethnic footwear or a pair of classic low-top sneakers. Keep the sleeves rolled up, and avoid typical shirt collar pattern. If you want, you can try some layering with a denim jacket.

It is necessary to stay up-to-date with styling trends. While sticking to Indian handlooms and artistry, we can rock the looks without compromising our style. The listed ways to style men’s khadikurta will help you in levelling up your fall fashion game. We cannot wait to see some creative and catchy kurta looks for 2020 winters.

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